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How we help you run CX und EX in a professional way

Our Webinar program

An Integrated Customer Feedback Data Structure for Nokia (CES - OES - EES)

- Feedback as a measure
- What has changed in our view of CX?
- Success stories - what do we want?

- Feedback structure
- Common elements (all Nokia) to track
- Business unit specific items to track
- Feedback tools and data layers:

- The future
- Strategic
- Tactical
- Operational

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Available Webinar Times:
12/02 10:00 CET & 17:00 CET
19/02 10:00 CET& 17:00 CET
26/02 10:00 CET& 17:00 CET

Join the Global Leaders Working with Us

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Metrinomics provides you with a toolbox for different types of tasks and problems where CX and EX are the missing or critical link. These tools follow an overall business logic that we have learned to read and use over years of interaction with you. All of the tools and their data can be linked together to provide a complete and holistic view of customers and employees. We want to involve them as partners to fine-tune what is critical to their individual and our business success.

Loyalty, growth, creating conditions for success on the customer side, integrated with the view of the employees and teams involved. Develop your project and connect your results with others within Nokia, contribute, enrich, act and measure success - from CEO feedback to real-time operations - each level is connected to the others with one common goal: change conditions for the better!

Tools to gain orientation by the people who decide over success

Here are the different tools metrinomics provide to ensure your company's success in CX and EX


Executive Interviews



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Momentum Surveys

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Publishing Calendar


Employee Experience


Customer Experience

Modern Office

Create your project ecosystem with CX and EX

We call it ecosystem because it refers to the conditions and interactions that make us grow and prosper - or not. 

In Prosperland, each island consists of 16 sensor points that represent the subjective side of performance: What is your take?? - for both customers and team members. 

These sensor points have been proven to describe the kind of experience that moves people. 

However, the perception of what matters is changing. Prosperland uses AI to ensure the consistency of the sensor points and the entire ecosystem

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