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An ecosystem is the interaction of living organisms with their habitat. Humans also live in an ecosystem where small events can have an even greater impact on coexistence than large ones. Ecosystems are now well researched. An external influence can have a positive effect on the ecosystem, allowing it to thrive, or a negative influence that drains energy from the ecosystem. With the help of metrinomics, you can present your company as your ecosystem and involve everyone in making it thrive.

Your ecosystem components


The islands represent the most important issues that influence the ecosystem. The 5th island summarizes the quality of life, i.e. the influences of the other 4 islands on your ecosystem.

Topic 1 (1).png


The themes form the subcategories for the everyday aspects on the islands. They structure the islands' sensor points into 4 areas of influence.

SP1 (1).png

Sensor point

Social sensor points refer to the things that play a role in the impression of the everyday level. Check-ups can take place at each sensor point. The result contributes to the related sensor point, which increases or decreases the value of its social benefit. 

1. Define goals (5th island)

Define influences (islands, topics and sensor points)

Define connections between sensor points

What do you need to successfully build your own Ecosystem with metrinomics?

Here are some additional functionalities you'll find from your ecosystem provided by metrinomics:


With our Action! function, you have the opportunity to see at a glance the top 3 sensor points with the greatest potential for improvement for all islands, the so-called "Low Hanging Fruits". - Within your reach!

Sensor point overview

A detailed analysis of each sensor point on the island with a "Social Benefit" indicator in the center.


Several filters for selecting the view of individual groups in the city - and their special features

Interested? See our available packages here!

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