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Where are changing values moving customers?


Digitales Netzwerk

The world has never been changing so quickly. Our values adapt to this change and lead to new business models and new ways of cooperation. But how does that impact our customers?

FUTURAISE acts as a sort of seismograph; a network of sensors that show how change is affecting corporate customers’ business models.

The future does not just happen in a vacuum; it is also made. Therefore, a large part of the future can already be found in the minds of those who are making it happen. FUTURAISE condenses the future plans and expectations of the relevant decision-makers. From this, we can device guidelines for success, which can be presented as stages on the way to business success.

The FUTURAISE application areas


Value-Based Sales

The change in values shakes up the elements that determine price. As a result, many algorithms used in CRM lose their meaningfulness. FUTURAISE overcomes this by introducing its ‘future layer’.


CRM Data Strategies

As price is changed by value, value therefore must be the ultimate target of sales strategies. So how can we work with ‘future value’ as a data construct? How can we integrate the value layer into CRM? How can we make practical use of it on a day-to-day basis?


Customer Gardening

Future-proof algorithms and closed loop processes enable a high degree of automation in CRM Above all, they are capable of learning and are geared towards growth.

The Future is not a Function of the Past

It used to be easy to use the past as the basis of modelling the future. But many data points remained static, which limited the range of possible the scenarios.
Now, as AI, cloud, telecommuting, customer demands, and competitive pressures have exorbitantly accelerated the digitization process, the foundations of the old world have begun to shift. Digitization leads to new business models, through greater efficiency or changed customer behavior. However, many of the options for the future are already on radar of businesses. They only need to be gathered together to provide a dataset that represents the evolution of a market.

'Value' perception depends on how we look at things

We always look at things in terms of our challenges. The size and nature of the challenges determine the value we attach to a solution.
Adjustment to the change in values is reflected in new business models. And these are the references for the value perception of the future. FUTURAISE creates a system of sensors and control circuits for future values. This then creates the conditions for achieving the goals.
FUTURAISE integrates important decision-makers through common interests and thus strengthens customer relationships in turbulent times.

Goals, processes, CRM integration

What will your customers' business models look like in the next 3 years?
We'll show you: year by year!

We take care of the structured integration of decision-makers on the customer side.

We examine the underlying challenges and quantify the value that can be generated by suppliers.

We have been implementing strategic projects among B2B customers for over 20 years.

We identify the areas of CRM where future data can be used profitably.

We monitor success and turn them into a self-adjusting system.

We set up measures to monitor success and turn them into a self-adjusting system.

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