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Your customers decide how your company will be run!

Metrinomics provides your company the necessary tools for an optimal and innovative customer experience! 


Look at your customer ecosystem and get analytical results and KPIs


Unite your people from all over in one ecosystem, visible to all

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...and make everybody help to eradicate the weak points

Customer experience Survey

What is the role of Metrinomics in a Customer Experience Survey?


Setup, metrics, questionnaire design


Engaging with the customer, interviews


Analyzing the customer feedback


Turning feedback into recommendations

Metrinomics – Customer Experience specialist in B2B markets

An action-focused consulting company

Specialist in Customer Experience in B2B markets since 2001
Turning customer experience into a positive experience
Getting top executives engaged

End-to-end services

Committed to the success of a program
Each program has a measurable core business element which acts as a reference point for the quality of our products and services

Experience in industrial markets since 20 years

Managed global Customer Satisfaction Surveys in various B2B markets

Our idea of governance in customer experience

Putting the customer at the center of the company requires clear rules 

A set of instruments are required - rules, action logic, and tools which must be simple and easy to follow for everyone.

Everything the customer says has to be integrated 

Every source of feedback adds more to the picture. This in turn allows us to learn from changes and to adapt to them. 

The customer has to become a part of the daily life of the entire organization

Every staff member must have a view on how their work affects the customer. 

Full integration of collected data / feedback

The subjective feedback from the customer has to interact with the company's internal data (e.g. CRM).

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