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Executive Interviews 

Executive Interviews 

How does it work?

The active involvement of the interviewee is critical for the quality of the outcome

The focus is set on the qualitative customer input and the survey content is adapted to each respondent's focus

Provided the interviewee agrees, we record the interview so that we can fully concentrate on the flow of the conversation

We facilitate the interview process with graphical “visuals”

The customer journey with reference to re-purchasing - Example

An executive interview – Preparation and processing

Customer informed by survey sponsor.png

- Adapted to the interaction process between customer and supplier

- Design according the critical amount of information

- Modular in order to adapt to different target groups

- Standardized metrics for cross-group comparisons

- Hierarchical system oriented towards one target / reference point

- Probing for qualitative inputs  (open statements)

- Proofed scenario allowing for respondent's opening up

Conditions for the questionnaire efficiency and quality 

Rules to get to actionable insight

How do interviewees behave during an interview?

Narrative thinking 

Starting points are problems and expectations.
From there, answers tend to be story-based

Types of challenges not clearly compartmented

A single problem can have different facets (i.e. technology, processes, cost, staffing)

Prospercity (2).png

Dynamic view

In industrial markets people have learned to think in trends. In contrast, they have difficulties to clearly separate the stages in time

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