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A new, better and innovative way of communication in your company

How metrinomics contributes to your innovative process of Employee Experience  

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Metrinomics integrates data
from all levels of insight
and holds them compatible


Feedback from the front

Get structured insight from your account teams who are in constant exchange with customers, especially on product and process levels. 


Spot-on 1 sec. check-ups - CX or EX 
initiated by BG or locally

Check customer experience on the spot with only those who have the experience, in the proper moment. 

Lächelnder Geschäftsmann

CEO's Dreams & Nightmares

Future challenges are what moves decisons now. CEOs look into the future for us to create  a worldwide customer challenge map.

Give more power to your Employers
with a Spot-On Feedback Logic

Get CX Spot-On feedback in the moment of truth in only 1 second. Condense it to form a complete picture. Connect it with EX Spot-On to smoothen the workday and the customer relationship. Let AI help you to pinpoint action!

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