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Mann, der versucht App

With our Check-Up app, participants regularly submit their impressions of the various "social sensors". This information is reflected in the island world of the ecosystem. This is used to determine which measures are suitable for improving the quality of life in their ecosystem. The employees design their own Prosperland.

What does your Check-Up App include?

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Easy 1-click feedback input

Your employees would be able to easily deliver their feedback through a 1-click scoring system.

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Easy comment delivery

You can provide further comment to your submitted feedback that will later be found in the corresponding forum to be discussed with other fellow employees.

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Quick access to your ecosystem

Accessing your ecosystem has never been easier! Every island will be displayed with all of its advantages in your app.

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A quick overview of all of the submitted feedbacks

After submitting your feedback you can see how other employees answered the same feedback question.

Checkup Historie (1) (1).png

Instant display of Check Up History 

Review your past check-ups with our Check-up history overview.

Tortendiagramm 2 (1).png

An indicator of your key contributors

See what your key contributers to the happiness of your company workers are.

Interested? See our available packages here!

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