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The forum enables open discussion of the results of a check-up round. There is a forum for each social sensor. All comments are posted anonymously in the forum so that all employees can participate in the discussion safely and securely. The discussion in the check-up is not anonymous and is subject to clear netiquette.

Coming to a decision on the topic together and collectively!

Aim of the forum?

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Set your Sensor points 

Your sensor points will display the changes made from FlashFeedbacks and Momentum Surveys 

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Give your Feedback through our FlashFeedback

Your Checkups will constantly be delivered and saved, landing the comments from the Flashfeedback in our Forum

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Discuss your Comments from Flashfeedback together with the community

You can clearly and anonymously discuss your comments in our forums correlating to each checkup that's been established

Interested? See our available packages here!

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