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About Metrinomics

Corporate Feedback and Participation 

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May we introduce ourselves?

As a service provider, Metrinomics specializes in B2B companies and their peers. That means in practice, we develop and operate applications of Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX). Our focus is the subjective view of customers and employees (among others) on the common everyday life of a company. 


The purpose of such programs has changed over the years. Satisfaction - referral - experience - the objective has changed, but the purpose has remained. It is based on the understanding that for each of us, our own view represents 'reality'. For this reason, the subjective expectation is in the foreground. 


Above all, however, the communicative environment has changed, in which 'subjectivity' plays a role. Suppliers and customers are increasingly becoming partners and everyone assumes a coordinated role in the collaboration. Increasingly, digital spaces are becoming interconnected and thus determinant for collaboration. 

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Metrinomics provides a portfolio of applications in which the different levels of interaction can be linked together to create a complementary picture. They serve not only as a measure of quality, but above all to give voice and influence to the customer and employee. They are based on a system of 'sensors' familiar from IoT technology. 


Except they're 'social sensors'. These are points in everyday life - as CX and EX projects have shown us over the years - where the difference is whether the day (the month, the year...) leaves a positive impression or not. People, on the other hand, are not machines. Their own logic is individual, but - as the use of AI has taught us - it is also subject to clear rules. That's why AI is now an important tool for reducing complex interrelationships to simple everyday rules. We measure our success by the practical effect of feedback processes.


What would everyday life be without the future and its challenges? Subjectively, every performance is always evaluated in the context of these challenges. They are ultimately the yardstick for value development. Value is created only in the eyes of others.

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Metrinomics stands not only for 'the eyes of others', but also for reliability and professional management, for the security of data logistics and structures. Above all, Metrinomics stands for the success of change. Whatever changes and revolutions pass over the professional everyday life, does it have a positive or a negative influence on the everyday life?

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What's new about the digital age is the accuracy with which this can be determined. And the ease with which this knowledge can be translated into action. Action that is measured by the 'social benefit' it develops for those affected. Loyalty and commitment, well-being, business success and quality of life are the result. 


Metrinomics’ solutions show and prove how these goals are achieved systematically. Metrinomics has been working on international B2B markets for more than 20 years. Our specialties are Top Executive Feedback and Data Science. We are an independent company based in Berlin - Germany. 

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