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The needs of employees

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Prosperland takes its cue from Maslow's pyramid of human needs.

The distinction falls according to hierarchically arranged types of needs

According to this, existential conditions, security, affiliation, recognition, self-actualization are the drivers of needs.

The Biotope 'company' addresses all these levels, and at all levels there are aspects that can be optimized. In Prosperland, they play a mental role. But there is no hierarchy here in the sense of Maslow, nor is there a restriction to factors that fit into this scheme.

Rather, the sensor points in Prosperland focus on the experienced everyday working life. It is about practical experiences and concrete perceptions in a context.

More important is whether the respective point has an influence on prosperity. This is determined by a learning algorithm. Because

in reality, the influence and importance of things change with changes in the surrounding conditions.

On the other hand, the assignment to one of the levels of a Maslow pyramid is helpful when it comes to correctly locating measures for improvement.

Our island structure

The things that are important for employees to prosper on a day-to-day basis vary from industry to industry. Maslow's pyramid applies everywhere. But how it is expressed in everyday life, what things happen that have an impact, that looks different from industry to industry. The daily routine of a truck driver differs in essential

points from that of a nurse.

For the ecosystem, however, it is not the view of the individual person that is important, but that of the company in which he or she works. In the virtual biotope and its sensor points, however, each individual person must find himself or herself. This means that a hospital ecosystem must also work for doctors, for administrative staff, and for technical staff.

Templates therefore exist for various industries with the sensor points that have an influence. This applies to an average company and may not apply to a specific company at individual points. However, each individual point can be adapted as desired. However, with foresight. If we want to have reliable data, then we must not change the structure or label arbitrarily or frequently.

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