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The Corporate Human Ecosystem

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The analogy of the ecosystem

What is an ecosystem simply explained?

An ecosystem is a community of living things in a particular habitat. The inanimate components of a habitat also play an important role in the ecosystem

Functioning ecosystems are the earth's "life support system". They provide us with clean air and water and are thus the basis of our lives. Also our

Well-being and our economic prosperity depend on our natural and social ecosystems.

What happens in an ecosystem?

An ecosystem consists of a community of organisms of several species (biocenosis) and their inanimate environment, which is called a habitat, habitat or biotope.

What factors influence the ecosystem?

The relationship between producers, consumers and destroyers determines an ecosystem. However, other factors also determine an ecosystem. They form conditions under which the different organisms living in this ecosystem can develop. These other factors are what this learning text is about.

Is an ecosystem an open system?

Ecosystems are always open systems, which means that there is a constant input and output of substances with the environment. Material cycles in particular often have an effect beyond the boundaries of these systems, and living organisms do not remain in one and the same ecosystem throughout their lives.

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