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How to integrate Prosperland into everyday life?

Let's assume that a new digital communication system is introduced and the user interface is to be adapted to the way the technology works.

Furthermore, let's assume that this introduction is accompanied by a communication team.

With Prosperland, each adaptation step is checked by the teams, according to their subjective impression. For this, they use the tool on the app. The feedback is feasible in a second. Prosperland summarizes and derives from the result - according to an algorithm - the next step to be taken.

This can happen several times a day or at longer intervals, depending on the situation. We only address the people it concretely affects. But something affects every individual, because companies live in a transformation phase.

How does this newly introduced system change the everyday life of the workforce? Does it have an impact on their quality of life?

At the same time, the organization is being restructured and working conditions are changing for all employees. This affects communication, technical infrastructure, etc. These aspects are examined to see where friction arises and whether the solutions work. Once the changes have settled in, the checkups are over. But in the same company, there are problems filling vacancies and individuals are overworked. At the same time, school vacations begin, leading to increased stress for employees who work from home offices.

Which of these impacts employee quality of life, and how? We determine that algorithmically as well, and that then shows the representation of the 'employee ecosystem'. This ecosystem is a living thing that changes with the work climate.

The point of Prosperland is that it changes positively, and management gets suggestions in real time, which are then implemented in real time. Adjustment is accelerated, friction is minimized. Every day, the three items that have the best effect on the Quality of Life Index are identified. A task in which everyone participates. This gives internal communications its relevant content, which goes beyond that of an electronic company newspaper. And, hopefully, appropriate attention.

Checkups in passing

Our daily work routine is our 'ecosystem', and working conditions make up a large part of our quality of life. Challenges are part of it, but the conditions under which problems need to be solved make all the difference.

Prosperland represents your ecosystem by identifying the issues that make the difference in your daily life and how they are perceived by all employees.

The goal of Prosperland is to deduce at which points improvements will bring the highest increase in quality of life.

There are enough problems and frictions in everyday life. None of them can be solved easily. But if we work on them a little bit every day in small steps, it adds up to a big step that we all feel.

Prosperland thrives on employee checkups. 'Two weeks ago, we agreed on a new working time arrangement. How has that worked out?'

That's how it appears on your phone, and with the press of a button, the checkup is done. Unless you want to say something about it. Then you speak it or type it into the smartphone.


The answers are anonymous for everyone except you. You can see how your checkups turned out. You can see your own 'ecosystem', where you're good at living in it, and where it sticks. And how what you feel stands out from how others see it.

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