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The AI World of CX and EX management in B2B

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Give more power to your Customers
with a Spot-On Feedback Logic

Get CX Spot-On feedback in the moment of truth in only 1 second. Condense it to form a complete picture. Connect it with EX Spot-On to smoothen the workday and the customer relationship. Let AI help you to pinpoint action!

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Create your project ecosystem with CX and EX

We call it ecosystem because it refers to the conditions and interactions that make us grow and prosper - or not. 

In Prosperland, each island consists of 16 sensor points that represent the subjective side of performance: What is your take?? - for both customers and team members. 

These sensor points have been proven to describe the kind of experience that moves people. 

However, the perception of what matters is changing. Prosperland uses AI to ensure the consistency of the sensor points and the entire ecosystem

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Spot-on Feedback


Sales data


CEO feedback



Discussion and decision


Change is constant, but it requires everyone's support. Prosperland empowers employees to adapt the process and make it their own. They simulate scenarios and make decisions locally in their Sensor Point discussion and decision forum. .

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VCX - Virtual Customer Experience

  • Meet your customers in your virtual space and engage them directly. Built-in check-ups, instant feedback, automated adjustments - an actionable logic uses AI to make quick decisions that reflect the customer's point of view. 

  • Reduce service costs, increase sales, integrate chat bots and social media.

  • Use Prosperland to unify all participants in your virtual ecosystem. Measure impact by controlling all the sensors that reflect what matters for success.  

  • Integrate virtual with "real" touch points and communication channels into a single ecosystem that includes all critical interaction points.

  • End up with customers who are happy because their view of (virtual) reality is reflected in the way you respond to them. 

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Connect to your sales system

If you find indicators for customer "sensor points" in your sales database to replace feedback, you can connect these data points. 

In the same way, you can feed information back into the system. 

This information supports salespeople with patterns of sensor points that are relevant in each case. 

Marketing can better support them by relating their arguments to the points that are important to the individual - as a member of a specific type of sensibility pattern.

Metrinomics integrates datafrom all levels of insightand holds them compatible

Entspannen im Freien

Prosperland supports  two ways of looking at customers

We can look at them as individuals – which is the task of sales – and we can look at what they have in common. We can help sales with the common part. So they are not fighting wars against things that they cannot control. 
With our virtualization of the customer ecosystem, we open the door from CX data to the Metaverse, making the general picture the strategic focus. 
We even can integrate Employee Experience and treat it in a compatible way. 


We tend to work in scattered worlds where many realities coexist. Suppliers and customers need to collaborate while looking at things from even more distant perspectives. The sense of belonging and the efficiency of teamwork suffer without a common reference. 

Prosperland creates a reference in a virtual world consisting of all relevant 'sensor points' that define the common view. These sensor points cover all touch points during the working day and focus on changes. The results are visible to all and the adaptation mechanism is open to those affected. A real-time world in constant flux, showing how groups of people react differently. 
Virtualization allows simulation as a function to connect to metaverse scenarios to evaluate value creation alternatives.

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AI helps us to measure subjective experience in an objective way​

In the world of subjectively perceived quality, the technically defined concept of quality as perfection is of no help. Quality - according to efficiency criteria - lies in adaptation to changing contexts and conditions as well as to changing norms. Under these circumstances, quality can be understood as a performance measure of learning ability.

Quality is the speed of adaptation in the learning cycle of a continuous flow of data. In practice, this way of calculating quality only makes sense when AI plays a central role. We would call it "adaptive math" where learning is the central task. AI can contribute a lot to this, but there are also other measures that play an important role when rolled out over time and structures.

Metrinomics has developed special expertise in such subjective validation methods, which also play an important role in understanding the spirit of a relationship.

The goal of our analysis is to find the relevant subjective factors that are the driving factors for a well-being concept with the "ideal" of a learning algorithm at its core.

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Your advantage

  • You get instant feedback.

  • You can apply it to customers and employees.

  • You can apply it to teams and projects.

  • You can decentralize decisions to people in the field.

  • Integrate subjective data into sales efforts.

  • You can evaluate multiple goals.

  • It scales well and ends up as a low-cost solution.

Trusted by customers

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We have co-invented the CPV

Metrinomics combines the adaptable with the continuous. We understand CPV, can convert it and guaranty a smooth transfer from one kind of world to another. 
To create a KPI, has to do with targets. Metrinomics adds the expertise of KPI management to a KPI team and provides adapted digital applications to fit into the internal data flow.

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