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A welcome message from our CEO

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Das Besondere einer Kleinstadt liegt darin, dass jeder sehen kann, wie die Dinge zusammenh

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Hans Jürgen Schmolke, Co-Founder of Metrinomics and CEO

Welcome to our website!

At Metrinomics, our mission is to enable customers and employees to control business processes in a way that best suits their needs. In the past, this was done through surveys, but today digital processes allow for more precise control and even active participation.

With all this operational optimization, it is important to remember that it all has to make sense in the context of the challenges faced by customers or employees, because that is the principle of value creation.

It is also important not to lose sight of the fact that everyday things are interrelated, where one point of experience colors the impression of the other. This is where AI has opened up significant new horizons.


Leading complexity to simplification without losing information - without AI, effectively engaging customers and employees is hard to imagine. On this website, we'll show you how we've addressed these challenges.

We're glad you're here. Too bad we can't meet in person. Unless you're driving over the Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin right now and we're watching you from the window.



Hans Jürgen Schmolke

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Tel: +4930-695-171-0

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